IMAGE Travel & Events obtains the Travelife Partner certificate again

Recently, IMAGE Travel & Events, a member of the CCIFV, was honored with the Travelife Partner certificate for the fourth time, bestowed by the Netherlands-based Travelife organization, following a series of rigorous assessments throughout the year 2024. Currently, in Vietnam, only 10 travel companies meet the 146 required criteria and have attained the status of Travelife Partner. A higher level of recognition would be that of Travelife Member, with 243 criteria to fulfill.

Established in 2007 by the ABTA (Association of British Travel Agents) and the ANVR (Dutch Association of Travel Agents), with the support of Leeds Metropolitan University (UK), Lund University (Sweden), and ECEAT-Projects, a Dutch non-profit organization promoting sustainable tourism, Travelife is a certification program aimed at encouraging sustainability criteria in the travel industry. Its objective is to provide tourism companies with goals, tools, and practical solutions to make positive changes in their operations and supply chains.

IMAGE Travel & Events is also one of the founding members of the responsible tourism community WAFORT in Vietnam since February 2022, bringing together multiple tourism businesses and volunteers working together for sustainable tourism.

By regularly integrating activities such as ecotourism, environmental preservation, local cultural immersion, and nature experiences into its tour itineraries and internal operations, and by leading numerous communication, training, and awareness initiatives, IMAGE strives to maintain high standards of responsibility, worthy of the Travelife Partner label.

Some specific actions undertaken by IMAGE to promote responsible tourism include supporting community-based tourism villages, organizing waste clean-up trips, tree planting, cultural visits to local ethnic groups, promoting trains, bicycles, and walking tours, boycotting elephant rides, and replacing plastic bottles with 20-liter water jugs in vehicles, among other actions.

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