Agrofood Sector Committee

Supported by French actors in the food sectors, CCIFV Agrofood Sector Committee aims to develop a more diverse and sustainable Vietnamese food ecosystem from the field to the fork. Our ambition is to share our French expertise and quality product know how to accelerate bilateral Trade and develop mutual benefits collaboration between Vietnam and France.

The members of this committee also receive an information bulletin on the sector issued by the French Embassy during the meetings.



Committees objectives

  • Share best practices;
  • Address issues specific to the Agrofood sector in Vietnam; 
  • Develop relationships between participating members.


This sector committee is led in partnership with Ms Marion Chaminade, Counsellor for Agricultural Affairs at the French Embassy in Vietnam.


Working language: French


General Manager
BEL Vietnam



Chief Executive Officer
Aroha Sourcing


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2022 Meetings program

  • Topic 1 : Sourcing in Vietnam - June 2, 2022
    How to develop a more beneficial sourcing model in Vietnam to preserve the planet and consumers? More specifically around the organic mention and a plant base, in order to build a certified local suppliers.
  • Topic 2 : The food industrialization in Vietnam - September 29, 2022
  • Topic 3 : The logistic and distribution in Vietnam - November 22, 2022
    How to accelerate the electric transition for the last mile delivery ?

The Agrofood Committee also plans to organize joint meetings with other CCIFV Committees.  

Upcoming events

  • Factory visits: The objective of the committee would ideally be to organize meetings and discussions in the factories, in order to develop the practical side of the topics tackled this year.
  • GEFE: The Agrofood committee would also like to establish a strategy to ensure French presence at the "Green Economy Forum and Exhibition" (GEFE). This objective will indeed make it possible to obtain greater visibility for the members of the committee in Vietnam.

2021 Meetings

  • April 15, 2021: Definition of the committee's missions, expectations and objectives for 2021
  • May 18, 2021: Introductory round table, review of sector news by the French Embassy, ​​presentation of the results of the questionnaire, election of governance, planning of the 2021 program
  • June 6, 2021: Embassy news, ecosystem presentation, presentation of the organic/good practice project
  • November 18, 2021: CCIFV news, Embassy news with a focus on the PM/Minister Agriculture mission in Paris, Food Service presentation by Aden; Food Service presentation by Annam;
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