Health Sector Committee

The health sector being in constant movement and with a view to perseverance, the actors of the field are constantly looking for innovative means and solutions in order to increase discoveries. 

Members who wish to pass on and contribute to the Club can find themselves in the re-launch of the Health Committee, which aims to gather forces in order to work on common, meaningful projects.

Committees objectives

  • To address issues specific to the health sector
  • Share information on market trends, needs and issues specific to the sector
  • Develop bilateral cooperation between France and Vietnam by promoting French know-how
  • Organizing events related to the health sector


Chief Operating Officer
Laboratoire Aguettant



General Manager
URGO Group



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2024 Meetings program

Theme 1: Ongoing
Theme 2: Ongoing
Theme 3: Ongoing

Upcoming topics/projects:

  • Proper use of medicines
    How to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, the development of skills and the sharing of French expertise?
  • Pharmacy of tomorrow
    How to support independent pharmacies to reinvent themselves in the face of the emergence and competition of chain players?
  • Health talk
    "Health data management in Vietnam", "Digitization in Health and Telemedicine", "GMP and Local Pharmaceutical Production", etc...
  • Center of Excellence
    How to enhance French medical excellence for the benefit of patient safety and care in Vietnam? 
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