Why Vietnam?

Ho Chi Minh City's iconic buildings

The third most populous country in ASEAN with 96 million inhabitants, Vietnam is the sixth-largest economy in the region and one of the most dynamic countries in the world.

The country has undergone rapid economic development, posting steady growth of nearly 7 per cent for several years and equally encouraging forecasts for the future.

This positive growth is the result of a policy of international openness. This can be seen in Vietnam's accession to ASEAN in 1995 and then to the WTO in 2007. The country has also signed a range of bilateral treaties, including a free trade agreement with the European Union. This is the most ambitious trade treaty the EU has ever signed with a developing country. It will eventually eliminate 99 per cent of customs duties on goods between the two parties.

France shares a complex and vibrant history with Vietnam. While trade between our two countries focuses on a few key sectors (aeronautics, pharmaceuticals, and agri-food to Vietnam and electronics and textiles to France), many French companies have chosen to set-up in Vietnam for its domestic market and/or to support their regional development.

Indeed, Vietnam benefits from an ideal strategic location in the heart of ASEAN, close to major Asian markets. Its coastline, with direct access to the world's main maritime routes, offers favourable conditions for trade.

All this makes Vietnam a land of opportunities and investments, provided you are familiar with local business practices and a constantly evolving legal framework.

Thanks to its experience in Vietnam since 1998, CCIFV has developed sectoral and bicultural expertise in business services. Our teams are at your disposal to support your projects and help you achieve your objectives.

Ho Chi Minh City buildings

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