Event report

[WEBINAR] Vaccinations, Boosters and COVID-19 in APAC, on 30th July

Did you miss the International SOS webinar on July 30? If you want to learn more about recent cases of COVID-19 in Asia and how organizations can be prepared and protect their employees, follow the replay of this event!

Health experts share the latest news on the following topics:

• The COVID-19 situation

• The roll-out of immunization around the world, with a focus on Asia Pacific

• Vaccination, boosters, variants and tests

Timestamps for your ease of watching:

0:02:24 - COVID-19 trends around the world with a focus on Asia

0:11:46 - Vaccination rollout status in Asia Pacific

0:12:52 - Explaining the move towards endemic model

0:13:54 - Implications of vaccination for the offshore sector

0:18:18 - Vaccine Efficacy

0:19:19 - Effects of Vaccines

0:28:23 - Variants of Concern

0:38:39 - Re-infections and Vaccine Breakthroughs

0:39:48 - Vaccine Enabled Future: New Approaches and Controversies

0:43:08 - Immunity Duration; Neutralizing antibody level; Vaccination doses; Vaccine mixing; Boosters

0:54:40 - Using Antigen Rapid Test (ART) self-test kits effectively

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