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[THROWBACK] Human Resources Sector Committee - Managing labor relations in Vietnam

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On May 26, 2022, the Human Resources Committee proposed to its members a seminar enabling them to manage labor relations in Vietnam. A question concerning any employer, and employee, within the framework of a company.

By the way, we thank all the professionals who participated in this event for their presence and their investment during this meeting.

Albert Franceskinj (Fidal Asiattorneys), Alex Ho Thanh (PLF Law Firm) et Julien Tran (RBA Vietnam) were able to guide the participants on the legal, economic and cultural aspects relating to labor relations, allowing them to be put into practice effectively within their teams in Vietnam. The topics discussed were then:

  • The issues of the labor contract through a presentation of the various labor contracts, salaries, social charges and taxes.
  • Labor relations within the company through the exposure of internal labor regulations and the resolution of labor disputes.

It seems necessary for any company to anticipate the potential difficulties arising from professional relations. The correlation between the economic needs of your business and the resulting social realities are a major point of success. So understanding has been reinforced by the comparison of Franco-Vietnamese rights.

This is why we maintain that the deepening of knowledge in Human Resources is a real asset for all.

The Human Resources Committee is open to all members of the CCIFV who are curious about the subject. Do not hesitate to intervene, or discover this committee!

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