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[THROWBACK] HCMC: Build to Last 2024

On April 11, 2024, the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Vietnam organized the successful "Build to Last" 2024 conference. Within Vietnam's landscape, a proactive approach has been taken towards implementing numerous strategies, with a key focus on refining mechanisms and policies to advance the Net Zero commitment. This effort has not only unveiled fresh avenues for businesses and investors but also given challenges and opportunities in the realm of constructing sustainable buildings.

Acknowledging the significance of sustainable development, particularly within the construction domain, wherein the utilization of eco-friendly materials, harnessing cutting-edge technology to enhance project longevity, and fostering waste recycling from construction endeavors are crucial, the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Vietnam, in synergy with the Construction Committee led by Mr. Benjamin DESPLANQUE, gathered over 400 distinguished guests. This gathering comprised investors, construction contractors, consultancy experts, suppliers, and representatives from various other sectors, all united in their pursuit of drawing a pragmatic blueprint for the green development trends.

We are very honored to welcome at the opening ceremony the presence of Mr. Thibaut Giroux – Chairman of the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Vietnam, Mr. Nguyen Xuan Phuc - Vice President of VDAS Design Association HCMC Vietnam, and Mr. Pham Anh Tuan - Vice Chairman of Vietnam Society of Construction Law.

The conference revolves around the main issues of pollution and waste from construction activities, new technologies applied to improve materials, finance in investing in green buildings as well as investment models for financial support, and ultimately future sustainable development orientation.

As part of the conference, 14 businesses seized the opportunity to showcase their booths, facilitating the exhibition and promotion of their products and services. This platform enabled them to engage with wide range of potential businesses partners and key players within the construction industry in Vietnam.

Through insightful discussions, invaluable exchanges, and dynamic exhibitions, stakeholders have garnered fresh perspectives, forged new partnerships, and laid the groundwork for transformative initiatives. As Vietnam strides towards a greener future, the collaborative efforts witnessed at this conference show the collective commitment towards building resilient, eco-conscious infrastructure that not only meets the needs of the present but also safeguards the prosperity of generations to come.

A big thank to all the 15 sponsors and exhibitors, 20 VIP guests and speakers, all the co-hosts: EuroCham Vietnam, 3C - CONNECTED CONSTRUCTION COMMUNITY, Vietnam Proud Construction Networking, and VDAS Design Association - HCMC, and 400+ participants who have made the event a great success. 

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