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[THROWBACK] General Assembly 2022

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Dear members, 

The 2022 General Assembly of the CCIFV was held on April 27, 2022, at which time the quorums required for the ordinary and extraordinary general assemblies were not reached. 

In order to validate the year 2021, we organized new extraordinary and ordinary general assemblies, at CCIFV offices in Hanoi and HCMC, on Tuesday 17 May, without the need to reach a quorum, since they were convened within 15 days, as authorized by the Chamber's statutes. 

During this new Extraordinary General Assembly, we were able to validate the changes in the statutes. You will find attached the full text of the new modified statutes

Besides, during the Ordinary General Assembly, we were able to have the 2021 balance sheet and the 2022 budget approved. 

The Board of Directors and the entire operational team of the Chamber of Commerce France-Vietnam would like to thank you for your precious support and for the renewed interest in our organization and our services.

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