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[THROWBACK] Foot For Hope in Ho Chi Minh City 2022 - Solidarity Football Tournament

On the 19th of November, for the second time in HCMC, CCIFV organized a day of football to support the social enterprise Mekong Quilts by Mekong Plus.

Founded in 2001, Mekong Quilts helps women in remote villages in Vietnam and Cambodia support their families through the production of handmade quilts, clothing, bamboo products, gift items and other handmade items.

Foot for Hope mobilized physical activity and meaningful project, and encouraged a positive competitive spirit, strengthening team cohesion. This was an opportunity to bring together employees of various companies, associations and for the first time a CCIFV team!

Thanks to all the participants, CCIFV raised VND 30,000,000 to support the social enterprise Mekong Quilts by Mekong Plus.

Almost 160 players were gathered in 12 teams,CCIFV would like to congratulate all tournament participants:

  • Group A: Family Medical Practice Vietnam, France Alumni, Image Travel
  • Group B: Green Yekkow, Havas CESA FC, Stolz-Miras
  • Group C: Bolloré Logistics, Hava Ekino FC, Geodis
  • Group D: Andros, CCIFV, Sanofi
  • Best Scorer: Nguyen Quoc Viet, France Alumni
  • Best Goalkeeper: Le Binh Sanh, Image Travel


It was a great pleasure to have all this enthusiastic participation, special congratulations for:

  • The winners: Image Travel
  • The runner-ups: France Alumni
  • Third  place: Sanofi


CCIFV would also like to thank our partners without whom we could not have organized the event:

  • Family Medical Practice Vietnam
  • Le Financier
  • Mixtape Beverage Company



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