Event report

[THROWBACK] Committees Summit 2024

On March 27, 2024, CCIFV successfully held the 3rd edition of its Committees Summit.

This event brought together around sixty professionals from various sectors: Agrofood, Construction, Human Resources, IT/Digital & Innovation, Health, and Sustainable Development (new ESG Task Force).

The summit fostered collaboration between committees and facilitated valuable networking opportunities. Chairman Thibaut Giroux and CCIFV Director Adam Koulaksezian  emphasized the key role committees play in promoting French expertise, particularly within Vietnam.

During this occasion, the co-chairs openly shared their feedback, motivations, and outlined the action plan for 2024. This annual conference provided a platform for professionals to deliberate on forthcoming events, committee governance, and key topics relevant to their fields. At the conclusion of this productive working session, rich in proposals, members of each committee shared updates on upcoming projects within their sectors.

The objectives of the sectoral committees are to:

- Address issues specific to your sector during events,

- Create a collaborative ecosystem for committee members to share knowledge and unlock new possibilities.

- Promote French know-how in Vietnam.

What better way to foster the growth of French expertise in the Vietnamese market than through a strong sense of teamwork? We are genuinely hopeful that this dynamic will prove advantageous for many of you.

Do not hesitate to join our committees if you are not already a member or to contact us if you wish to create a sector committee, the CCIFV is at your service!

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