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[THROWBACK] Business Recovery Talk #1 - Disruption of the supply chain

We are more than thankful that you attended our first online "Business Recovery Talk", on 15th September. We hope you enjoyed the experience, but if you were unable to participate to the live meeting, see below for a replay of “Business Recovery Talk #1: Disruption of the Supply Chain”.

Our guest, Hamza Harti, Managing Director at FM Logistic Vietnam, specialist in the logistics and supply chain industry, discussed the current disruptions in the circulation of goods and people, caused by the unprecedented health crisis.

With more than 27 000 collaborators worldwide in 14 countries, FM Logistic is a leading Supply Chain Solutions provider: from Warehousing and Omnichannel Order management and fulfilment, Co-packing, Distribution and Urban Delivery.

We had gathered several questions for our guest who helped us make light on the temporary challenges associated with the current restrictions. He highlighted how anti-pandemic measures had been uniformly implemented nationwide, but how some localities had imposed some inappropriate regulations that have hindered the flow of goods, with a particularly negative impact in manufacturing-heavy areas.

We witness many companies facing difficulties in maintaining the supply chain, transporting goods, organizing production, granting work and domestic travel permits for experts as well as accessing vaccine supply. Hamza offered several recommendations to companies in order to mitigate the consequences of the lockdown.

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