Linkbynet is revealing its new look and rethinking its vision and mission

The company has emerged, strongly resilient and with great ambition, during a period of global economic downturn, amid the Covid-19 crisis. 

Today, Linkbynet is celebrating its 20th anniversary: 20 years since its adaptation to the IT market, 20 years of innovative solutions, and 20 years of international expansion that have enabled the Group to achieve an average annual organic growth of more than 20% over the last 20 years.

Driven by their confidence in our growth and development, Keensight Capital invested 50 million euros at Linkbynet's first fundraiser in 2016.

This growth has, over the past 3 years, been accelerated by several acquisitions as part of an ambitious strategy to develop its offer.

Linkbynet is now, more than ever, presenting itself as a challenger, an international specialist in Multi-cloud and Security, and boasts a community of nearly 1,000 experts spread over 4 continents, to help its customers achieve their full potential.

Some of the more challenging customers, notably the CAC40 groups, have been entrusting their growth to Linkbynet for many years. Their loyalty towards Linkbynet’s expertise is our best endorsement in this competitive and dynamic sector.

This year, our group is displaying strong resilience in a market that has been severely devastated by the health and economic crises linked to the Covid-19. Indeed, Linkbynet is one of the few French groups to have experienced further growth in 2020, whilst retaining all of its employees from all geographical regions: this is proof of the agility rooted deep within the DNA of our group, and our major focus on staff well-being. These results also demonstrate the relevance of external growth choices and the willingness to deliver a more comprehensive offer to better serve our customers.

At the age of 20, Linkbynet is unveiling a complete overhaul of its brand, presenting a clearer vision, mission and business strategy. The international company is now better than ever equipped to support its customers in their strategic digital transformation to the cloud.

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Set up your business in Vietnam!


Set up your business in Vietnam!