Discover Hanoi Accueil!

Hanoi Accueil is a newly established non-profit organization that not only welcomes and helps integrate newcomers, but also organizes socio-cultural and educational activities for the community.

In the heart of the beautiful city of Hanoi, a strong team of volunteers invites you to join a warm and welcoming community. In a world that can sometimes seem vast and unfamiliar, the team stands ready to extend a helping hand and offer a friendly smile.

Hanoi Accueil encourages everyone to show initiative, let their creativity shine through and contribute to its richness. Whether you're a newcomer trying to find your place, or have talents and ideas to share, Hanoi Accueil invites you to join this new adventure.

Find out more about their program of activities on their newly created website. Contacting them couldn't be easier:

The Hanoi Accueil team will be present at the CCIFV's Cocktail de Rentrée, on September 22nd at Pan Pacific Hanoi.

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