CCIFV joins Việt Nam Ơi Cố Lên initiative

Since the last days of May 2021, the pandemic has risen across the country, especially in Ho Chi Minh City. Many of our members and partners ask us how they can efficiently help the most vulnerable in these difficult times. To answer these requests, CCIFV has decided to offer support to a great initiative: Việt Nam Ơi Cố Lên, a relevant way to help and provide meals to unprivileged people and to the medical staff.


What is Việt Nam Ơi Cố Lên?

  • 4 licensed Central Kitchens
  • Engaging local communities for support
  • Providing meals to unprivileged communities, medical staff
  • Reducing plastic containers
  • Enabling meals ordering technology powered by Savyu


How to join the initiative?

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Entry permit to Vietnam


Entry permit to Vietnam