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Throwback to: CSR Guidebook Launch in Hanoi

On Wednesday, March 6th, 2019, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry France-Vietnam (CCIFV) and KPMG presented the first edition of “Corporate Social Responsibility in Vietnam: The Guidebook” in Hanoi. Since 2018, CCIFV and KPMG are partnering on this journey to nourish Corporate Social responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability in Vietnam, striving to encourage businesses in their networks to create positive social and environmental impact. This session gathered 30 participants from businesses, NGOs, UN organizations, Business Associations and Institutions. The event was shown on Channel VTV1 at noon of March 6th.


On the occasion of the guidebook Launch, Monsieur Bertrand Lortholary, French Ambassador to Vietnam has expressed his confidence in the future of Corporate Social Responsibility, stating that French companies have this sense of responsibility in their DNA. He truly believes that the development of responsible business practices will foster the social-economic development of the country. He also acknowledged the success of CCIFV & KPMG’s partnership, joining forces to promote CSR and create positive impact for Vietnam.


Ms Clemence Aron, CSR Project Manager at CCIFV discussed with the audience the main challenges of CSR in Vietnam and presented the result of a survey led among European business leaders in Vietnam. According to the survey, 79% of them consider they are a responsible business, however only 8% already has a structured CSR department. Afterwards she tabled the methodology created by CCIFV to build a CSR strategy. She illustrated the concept of CSR by showing two case studies of socially responsible approaches implemented by SMEs and MNCs, from the companies Les Vergers du Mekong & Schneider Electric Vietnam. It has been appreciated by the audience to learn more about practical examples.


Ms. Ha Do, Senior Partner KPMG Hanoi office, shared about Socially Responsible Investing, a sustainable process that combines investors’ financial objectives with their concerns about environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. Despite data on ESG is not tracked in Vietnam, many foreign investors consider ESG as part of their due diligence process when they are assessing a potential investment in Vietnam. She explained how companies can build trust and credibility through enhancing ESG, considering there is a greater awareness of the subject and more attention is being paid to CSR/sustainability issues.


About the Guidebook

The purpose of this 30-page guidebook is to help companies better understand what CSR is through basic knowledge and concrete examples of how the private sector can embrace sustainability. 1 000 copies of the CSR Guidebook have been issued and are provided to businesses operating in Vietnam, Business associations, NGOs and International Organizations.

“Corporate Social Responsibility in Vietnam: The Guidebook” is available here:
English version
Vietnamese version
Organizations can get a free copy on request at CCIFV office in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi



Ms Clemence Aron, CSR Project manager, CCIFV
+84 (0) 28 3825 8625 ext. 110


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