Support "LIGHT IT UP : make a difference today!", a CSR initiative by Schneider Electric Vietnam

According to the global specialist in energy management and automation, "It’s our common responsibility to help the most vulnerable people in Vietnam get access to energy".

From December 2017 to February 2018, Schneider Electric local entities and their partners will distribute more than 1000 units* of the Mobiya solar lamps to local communities in Cambodia, Indonesia, Japan, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam.

In Vietnam, they decided to support poor families from Quang Nam and Lao Cai provinces, who are regularly affected by the storms and floods by giving them our Mobiya solar lamp to use as an emergency light.

They are collaborating with EPVN, a trusted French NGO to bring safe, sustainable and high quality solutions for vulnerable communities, living in very difficult conditions.
In order to reach the maximum number of people, it has been decided to focus exclusively on Mobiya solar lamps. As 1 lamp can provide a whole family with safe and clean energy at a low cost (compared to the cost of installation of a full micro grid).

Schneider Electric Vietnam will donate them 100 Mobiya solar lamps but that’s far from enough.

They want to help a lot more people get access to light as well. So a fundraising has been created to help EPVN collect donations to buy a lot more lamps from us, at a sponsored price.

Interested in being part of it ?

You can help in two ways :
-         You can donate online,  even a small contributions help a lot! 
-      You can become an ambassador and help Schneider Electric to promote the project among your network.

More info:

-          On the light it up website
-          And on this presentation

Feel free to spread the word and share the campaign around you!

Schneider Electric Vietnam thank you in advance for your support !

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