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Social Commitment Day 2018: a collective engagement for plastic reduction in Vietnam

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, 31 August 2018 – Together with Vietnam Sach and Xanh, the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Vietnam (CCIFV) organized the second edition of the Social Commitment Day in Vung Tau, on Saturday August 25th, 2018.

Sponsored by KPMG and An Phat group (Aneco), the 2018 edition was attended by 120 participants from 28 organizations. Participants enjoyed fruit juices from Les Vergers du Mekong, a responsible company that won CCIFV CSR awards last June.

The Social Commitment Day is our CSR Day, bringing together companies and their employees that are eager to get involved with a cause.

In 2018, our main goals were to:

1) Raise awareness about the negative impact of littering and plastic use 

2) Call for action, provide participants with solutions to join the cause

3) Give visibility to this plastic/trash issue by gathering 120 people ready to spread the message and plant the seeds of positive change


Check the PHOTOS  & VIDEO!

The day started with a beach cleanup where participants looked for small-sized trash on the beach in order to have a clearer view on the issue of micro plastic waste. 6 competing teams were then asked to create an artwork from the rubbish that they collected, and to come up with a message to raise awareness.

Outdoor activities were followed by an afternoon of workshops and presentations. Speakers were Nia Klatte (Exo Travel), Nhan Nguyen (RMIT University), Thu Nguyen (Change Vietnam) and Giang Le (An Phat Group - Aneco). 


Giving a better understanding of the state of pollution and waste, suggesting solutions for personal and collective responsibility, calling for action and presenting alternative products such as station system to refill bottles, Ichange kits, compostable bags, speakers truly inspired the audience to rethink their daily habits.

The participants overwhelmingly agreed that the Social Commitment Day was a success, with many stating they would be change agents at their respective companies:

- 82% of participants changed their perception of the issue of plastic waste in Vietnam.

- More than 80% are willing to use plastic free products at home and at the office, notably drinking bottles (86%) and cups (84%).

- Compostable products and recycled products are perceived by participants as sustainable solutions they would like to implement.

Overall, participants were particularly pleased with the quality of the speakers’ presentations and the educational games on the beach, enhancing their team spirit and creativity. 


What next?

Getting feedback from these 120 change agents in six months; Collecting information on solutions that were implemented and their outcomes, methods of communication used to spread the message, identifying opportunities for improvement and the next steps to make the most out of these sustainability initiatives.

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