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Over 590 Vietnamese firms win product high-quality recognition

The Business Association of High-Quality Vietnamese Goods has released a list of more than 590 firms having products recognised as high quality this year.

Consumers across the country voted for 805 firms for the recognition. The association then coordinated with relevant agencies to select the qualified ones among them. 

The consumer survey also showed that 92 percent of participants used made-in-Vietnam goods, but only 72 percent of them preferred these products to their foreign equivalents.

The figure showed that Vietnamese producers have not lived up to local buyers’ expectations, which is the reason why they are facing challenges in the home market, while there are abundant opportunities for foreign firms.

The survey results also highlighted consumers’ concern over food safety, with one fourth of polled people saying they worried about the use of banned chemicals or harmful materials in food production and preservation.

Experts said the problem is that people still have to consume unsafe food, due to the small scale of the “clean market”.

According to the survey, 60 percent of consumers still prefer to shop at traditional retail channels, such as wet markets and stores, but the rate of those who choose modern channels including shopping malls and convenient stores has risen to 34 percent.

Head of the Business Association of High-Quality Vietnamese Goods Vu Kim Hanh said the rising popularity of modern retail is attributable to improved living standards and concern over food safety.

Source: Vietnam + 

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