New technological centres aim to promote innovative start-ups

Việt Nam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) inaugurated an innovative start-up centre in the Mekong Delta city of Cần Thơ on Tuesday.

On this occasion, VCCI Cần Thơ also joined hands with Japan’s Brain Works Group to open an ICT (information and communications technology) renovation centre in the city. 

Nguyễn Phương Lam, deputy director of VCCI’s branch in Cần Thơ, underlined the urgent demand for technological application in industrial and agricultural development and in other spheres in the Mekong Delta amidst the fourth industrial revolution. 

He also highlighted the close links between sectors such as industry, agriculture, infrastructure, education, healthcare and ICT, describing them as an important foundation to improve the competitiveness of businesses and the nation as well as living standards. 

The ICT renovation centre aims to turn Cần Thơ into a hub of economy, education and science and technology in the Mekong Delta region and in the country as a whole, Lam said. 

The centre is expected to step up development cooperation in ICT renovation and application in Cần Thơ and other Mekong Delta localities while connecting State agencies, non-governmental organisations, businesses and academies of Việt Nam and Japan in this field. 

Initially, the centre will gather leading Japanese technological experts, with the cooperation of nearly 15 Japanese enterprises specialising in recycling, environment, bio fuels, education, Internet of Things, ICT, healthcare, building design, new material and food processing. 

Yoshiyuki Kawazoe of Tohoku University, who is the centre’s director, said the centre would partner with major scientific centres in Hà Nội and HCM City as well as others in emerging nations, ASEAN member countries, Japan and the United States’ Silicon Valley. 

The centre will also promote innovative start-ups to create new firms in innovative technologies in Cần Thơ and Mekong Delta at large. 

As part of the Mekong Start-up Networking established in 2016, the innovative start-up centre will operate under the management of VCCI Cần Thơ and in consultations with organisations and individuals at home and abroad. 

During its first phase, the centre will carry out exchange of experts, provide consultations to localities regarding start-up policies and organise start-up training courses.

ICT incubation models will be formed from 2019 onwards. 

The two centres are expected to create a momentum for development cooperation in technology and for the birth of new businesses, contributing to economic development in the region and country. — VNS

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