Launch of BIO-SCAN™, the only French system certified by two independent laboratories, designed to eliminate bacteria and viruses, including SARS-CoV-2, from all surfaces using UV-C rays

Today, virtually all hygiene and disinfection procedures are done with chemicals, primarily chlorine, alcohol, formaldehyde, and quaternary ammonium. Some of these old methods are hazardous to health and the environment, and the protocols currently in place increase the dosages, which can impact materials on contact and even expose people close to these chemicals. UV-C rays only require the operator to use eye or skin protection. They are chemical-free, without side effects and no risk of overdosage.

The current health emergency and long-term changes in habits have compelled BIO-UV Group to develop a product line for these applications, in a record time.

BIO-UV Group, with 20 years of expertise in systems for treating and disinfecting water using UV-C and a leader in the disinfection industry, announces its chemical-free process for disinfecting surfaces in just a few seconds has been certified by two independent laboratories. The market launch of this simple, mobile, convenient, and user-friendly system will be an effective response that will eliminate microorganisms including SARS-CoV-2 (coronavirus) from all types of surfaces.

Biofaq Laboratoires (Carso Group), the leading European provider of environmental and agrifood testing, and C4 Diagnostics, a French biotech specialized in diagnosing infectious diseases, completed the certification based on the internationally-recognized AFNOR standard NF T72-281 according to a very strict protocol. The performance achieved by these two series of tests is remarkable, with abatement levels of 4 logs (erradication of 99,99%) on viruses and 5 logs (erradication of 99,999%) on bacteria.

These results validate BIO-SCAN’s™ capacity to disinfect and inactivate all types of microorganisms using UV-C technology, including SARS-CoV-2 (coronavirus), and place BIO-UV Group in the top tier of the world's companies that have obtained such performance for a surfacedisinfecting system, designed and manufactured in France.

This product is designed to be easy to use, mobile, light, and suitable for disinfecting all surfaces (beds, examination tables, waiting room chairs, keyboards, screens, dental or physical therapy offices, ambulances, elevators, factory equipment, etc.) in just a few seconds.

BIO-UV Group is prioritizing medical and paramedical professionals (hospital staff, community doctors, nursing homes, dentists, physical therapists, firefighters, paramedics, etc.). BIO-UV Group will also target sectors such as hospitality, food service, transport, cleaning, business, industry, and retail. As such, the Company is currently developing several products to meet the specific needs of each of these markets. In addition, our subsidiary TRIOGEN is developing an ozone-based disinfection system for damp surfaces.

UV-C disinfection technology has been around for a long time. Invented in Marseille, France, in 1904, it was little known until recently and mainly used to disinfect water. 

BIO-UV Group also manufactures UV and Ozone systems to treat water for different applications: Domestic/Municipal drinking water, Industrial Process Water, Pool and Spa disinfection and dechloramination, Wastewater, Aquaculture,…


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