Gameloft Village: an innovative concept for the IT and creative communities in HCMC!

As one of the largest IT companies in Vietnam, Gameloft Vietnam is concerned on how they can integrate the local IT and creative communities. Not only they work with the major universities to help provide a more adequate education to the labor market needs, but also they continuously strive to train their talents’ creativity and innovation skills. Gameloft Vietnam believes success can only be full, if they can use their expertise and facilities, to leave a durable mark in Vietnam’s future. Welcome to Gameloft Village!


What is Gameloft Village?

As any village, people encounter, interact and feel safe there; these people make that place unique by talking there, bringing their expertise, sharing their ideas; it is a community driven by the same ambition to make the best for their members and aim for the better.

Gameloft Vietnam opens the doors of their brand new office in Saigon with this new concept in town: Gameloft Village. This village is targeting passionate people, Gamelofters and outsiders, within the IT and creative communities and is an open agora to welcome inspiring events and conferences.

Located at the 7th floor of Pax Sky building (Binh Thanh), Gameloft Village includes a 150-seat amphitheater, a gaming area with the latest games and consoles, a dedicated cafeteria and a 900-sqm terrace! 


Why was Gameloft Village created?

The idea is to have Gameloft Vietnam become a cultural hub for everything tech and creative related in Vietnam while also supporting the general growth of the local industry. This new initiative does integrate in the Company strategy to solidify their image as the best place to work and the best place to share new ideas.

They want to be a community leader, promoting innovation, creativity and trial.  Offering this place is our way to support the IT and creative communities.

Gameloft Village is ready for hosting one event per month. All detailed information for events organizers and criteria of selection are available on and 


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