Gameloft Game Jam 2019, a 48h-contest for social responsibility

With the purpose of offering an opportunity for youngsters to experience the game making process, Gameloft has organized last November its annual Open Game Jam, a 48-hour competition to create a game following a specific theme and as a chance to explore new technology tools and try on new roles in the game development.

Creating a new game in 48 hours is a challenge but it becomes even more exciting when the participants are revealed the theme of “Sustainability”, right on D-DAY, few minutes before the official kick-off. More specifically, the participants had to create a game product to answer the problematic of reducing of environmental footprint by minimizing the bad impact of human activities on the planet as well as raising the responsibility on social issues towards sustainability..

Taking place in Ho Chi Minh City, Danang and Hanoi, Gameloft Vietnam has set this theme of the Game Jam 2019, to increase people’s awareness on sustainability. The competition has attracted 68 teams and over 250 passionate contestants, competing not only for a great prize of 150,000,000 VND, but also to show their individual responsibility on major societal issues.

Mr Tan Tai, one of the contestants shared: “After the announcement of the theme Sustainability, my team was very surprised because this is a hot issue of society today. Even though sustainability sounds very theoretical and arid, via game creation, we will be able to convey memorable and interesting messages. I feel very excited about the challenge that the competition brings. We hope Gameloft will continue to organize many meaningful programs to the community to contribute to the sustainable development of the society".

Gameloft Vietnam Open Game Jam has attracted more than 1,000 contestants, in 6 editions already, both students from local universities as well as professionals and of course their own employees! The jammers are not left alone, Gameloft Vietnam has organized a Game Jam day beforehand to share tips, best practices for the contest, and also provided on-site mentors during the 48-hour challenge. This is indeed a great opportunity to inspire the young IT and creative communities and to show the gaming industry as a true career path.


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