CSR Portrait n°13: Mövenpick Resort Waverly Phu Quoc


General Manager

Can you explain your activity in a few words?

As General Manager, I take care of the overall business and operations of the resort, as well as the wellbeing of our guests and teams.  This becomes even more challenging and rewarding with such a large complex which includes a hotel, residences and villas; Mövenpick Resort Waverly Phu Quoc and Mövenpick Residences Phu Quoc, as well as Aura Beach Club.

We are a Swiss hospitality brand managed by the Accor group which opened in March.


Have you already implemented a social or environmental project in your company? Or do you have a sustainable development policy?

At Movenpick Resort Waverly Phu Quoc, we follow Accor’s Planet 21 where we integrate sustainability into each department. Specifically:

  • To the employees: Make sure they have a work-life balance and good after-work life with facilities such as badminton court, table tennis. Employees have 2 days off per week which is one of the special benefits of the hospitality industry on Phu Quoc. The resort has a “well-being at work committee” in which representatives from departments meet often and share their concerns related to working conditions and benefits with the management board.
  • To the environment: comply with local environmental law and Accor’s environmental performance indicators. Among which, we pay special attention to energy conservation, waste management and raising awareness of our guests and employees. We track our energy usage, and water and electricity consumption every month. We are well aware of our location as a remote island without proper environmental management facilities and as a result, we try to introduce basis procedures such on-site waste separation and we are in the process of increasing the waste diversion rate. The resort is also committed to using less single use plastic items by prioritizing what is necessary.
  • To the local community: We give priority to local products and local suppliers, and organize community beach cleanups at various beaches on the island.


What is your next step?

We will continue to develop waste management strategies and prepare environmental management facilities in order to be ready for the process of achieving the Green Globe validation. Further strategies and awareness training will be developed including staff recognition, organizing contests and recycling workshops.

We will continue to maintain a good relationship with local partners and reach out further to local organizations by donating trash bins, participation in beach cleanup activities etc.  


What type of advice would you give to other companies in Vietnam to launch a CSR project?

I think the sustainable way to launch a CSR project is to address the global problems at the local level.  Besides engagement from employees, guests and local people play an important role in the success of a project. 


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