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CCIFV CSR portrait n°1 with Bolloré Logistics Vietnam




General Manager Sales & Development at Bolloré Logistics Vietnam

Can you explain your activity in a few words?

Bolloré Logistics Vietnam was the first 100% Foreign Direct Investment freight forwarding and Logistics Company licensed in Vietnam in 1989. We provide a full range of services including international transport, customs clearance in regulatory compliance and added value Logistics solutions. We are also market leader in the Oil and Gas industry and got an extensive experience in managing Industrial Projects.


Did you ever set up a CSR project either on environment or social issues in your company in Vietnam?

In 2018, Bolloré Logistics Vietnam cooperated with CCIFV to make the survey about CSR awareness of employees and their interest of social issues and we got results that most of our employees are paying attention to environment and education.

Since June 2018, Bolloré Logistics Vietnam established a CSR team with the active support from CCIFV and the CSR team at Bolloré Logistics Asia-Pacific. Ho Chi Minh City Head Office hosted a workshop with participants including managers and the CSR team to work together on a CSR diagnosis to help Bolloré Logistics Vietnam better understand the challenges of an integrated CSR program for the company. Thanks to the organized activities, we have identified priorities based on the CSR program, Powering Sustainable Logistics which has four pillars:

  • Ensuring ethical and responsible business practices within our logistics value chain,
  • Providing our customers with sustainable supply chain solutions,
  • Acting as a committed employer for our staff,
  • Strengthening relations with our stakeholders wherever we operate.

Some of the actions under these pillars include ethics training for all employees, integrating carbon in the service offering, increasing energy efficiency and implementing the Diversity and Social Inclusion. Policy across all zones. Our CSR efforts here at Bolloré Logistics Vietnam are all based upon this foundation, like how we contribute back to the community through developing and providing resources for young talents in order to ensure business sustainability in the local country, upholding our commitment to responsible business practices.

In 2019, Bolloré Logistics Vietnam has carried out CSR projects which groups several actions like:

  • Vietnam young logistics talent: a program developing young talents through competition,
  • Organization of the Earth Day: raise awareness about global climate change in partnership with Keep Vietnam Clean and Green,
  • Library donation: 5 reading corners for classrooms in rural Asia.


What type of advice you could share to other companies in Vietnam to launch such CSR project?

CSR should become one of the standard business practice nowadays. It allows everyone to bring awareness within the company and among all colleagues; to think and discuss key topics such as society and environment initiatives all together and open discussions with customers.
Key success is the empowerment, solidarity, commitment and support from everyone including top management.


Perrine Rozec

CSR Project Manager

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