Consultancy support - STG 017/2018

We are looking for a recent graduate to help with business development, administration, business communications, social media, digital marketing etc.  

Opportunities to learn our business: consultancy, soft skills training and coaching.  See our website for more info

Please convince us that you are the person we are looking for by indicating with examples from your own experience how you can meet our needs for this role:

  • Interest in the human mind and what motivates us, and a desire to know more about leveraging human potential
  • Fluent English speaker and Vietnamese
  • Good academic results (but your attitude is more important to us than your grades)
  • Interest in Vietnamese culture 
  • Interest in business cultures
  • Ability to work without supervision on administrative tasks once you are clear what is required
  • Commitment to getting the details right and producing work of your highest quality

Indicate the number of months you are able to commit to an internship with us (eg 6 months, 12 months).

Indicate what you find appealing about this opportunity and how you see it fitting with your own goals and objectives.

Provide the names, contact email and phone numbers for 2 referees who can recommend you for this role.

We will screen applicants according to the strength of their answers to the questions above.

We believe in incentivising good performance and will negotiate a base allowance and financial incentive arrangement with the successful applicant.  Indicate your expectations please.

Please send your application to Mrs. My HOLLAND at my(@)

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