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Community Engagement initiative: The Peafowl Foundation

7 Questions to Anais Moal, in charge of the Peafowl Foundation Project. Peafowl Consulting Limited is an international company providing high-expertise level in training sales and HR teams. They recently created the Peafowl Foundation : an NGO who supports different institutions such as schools, hospitals and orphanages.

Interview of Anais Moal, Charity Event Manager at Peafowl Consulting 


Can you explain in a few words what is the Peafowl Foundation? What is the scope of the project? 

Anais : Peafowl Foundation is an NGO who supports different institutions such as schools, hospitals and orphanages. We all envision Vietnam as a country where all children can have access to training support in global education. Our ambition is to create an extremely wide range of activities to fulfil our vision. Some of our activities are to be named: health care advice, basic English classes, scholarships, and much more. We want to give children an access to those skills in order to design their own bright future. To raise funds, Peafowl Foundation organizes photographic exhibitions around Ho Chi Minh City.  The first exhibition will be at the end of May at M2C cafe in District 3. Amateur photographers will have the opportunity to support the foundation and share their most valuable masterpieces.

Who initiate the project and why? 

Anais : Jennifer is the CEO - founder of Peafowl Consulting, a management, consulting and training company based in Ho Chi Minh City, Paris and Hong Kong. She went to Nepal in 2013 where she was taking care of an orphanage during a few months. She was also a teacher in one of the poorest school of Kathmandu. For the little story during her class one of her student lost his micro pencil and couldn’t stop crying as he will not be able to have a new one to finish the semester ! After this experience, she realized how poor and desperate were the students. She decided to offer to the 300 students in this school notebooks, pencils and rubbers. It has been an unforgettable experience for Jennifer and since this time she wanted to create her own foundation in order to give the opportunities to unprivileged children to study or increase their knowledge. Jennifer and her husband are passionate of photography, they decided to join their hobbies and their desire to create this association. By organizing exhibitions Peafowl Foundation raise funds to finance projects around Vietnam. 

What is the long term view of Peafowl Foundation? 

Anais : We want to change lives of unprivileged children through the power of essential skills and knowledges. For that we planified missions like english classes, health classes, and we help other associations in their actions by supporting them in charity events.

How do you choose the NGOs you want to support?

Anais : We want to support NGO which help disadvantaged children and teenagers in Vietnam and southeast Asia. We choose NGO that share our values to be named: sharing, solidarity, equality, enthusiasm and goodwill. For example, Seam the world is an NGO that helps unprivileged kids and people. : same values, very involved and diversified. In what concerns Life project 4 youth’s, they help teenager and young adults to develop their future, so we have quite the same purpose… they offer training in global education

How would you define your relationship with the NGOs ? 

Anais : We are very close to NGOs that we support. We join them during missions. For example, last valentine's day we joined Seam The World for “Love isn’t blind” : we gave Mr Rabbit and lovely cupcakes to kids in a blind school at HCMC. We offer them a privileged view on our website, our facebook page, our events. After each mission we write an article about what we did, we share some pictures, so our followers can see what we and our partners do. At the launching party of Peafowl Consulting, we invited Seam The World and Life Project 4 Youth and we offered them a privileged view during the event. 

What are the benefits of the involvement of Peafowl for the organization?

Anais : Everyone can participate to a meaningful project and this is very rewarding humanly. Most employees are happy to get involved in charity event, some are volunteering on the weekend or out working hours to help Seam the world. Exchange about human and social “ideas” promotes a serene atmosphere. This is very rewarding for the company to be invested in an organization like Peafowl Foundation. It facilitates meetings with partners and clients who share the same values than ours.

On a personal level, what is the impact of carrying out such a project?

Anais : As far as I am concerned, I am a passionate charity event manager at Peafowl Foundation. This opportunity to take care of different project, offer me the possibility to share wonderful moments with locals and disadvantaged people. By helping others I realized how meaningful is it to give to other and to meet amazing people. I am proud to work for something that has a positive impact for other which was my dream.

For Jenny Creating Peafowl Foundation was an accomplishment regarding her goals. Business is one thing, offering time to unprivileged people is another one; she is very proud to show that doing both is possible. She has the chance to have an amazing team which helps her everyday to succeed for it. Investing herself in meaningful causes makes her realize that there is always someone who needs more help,  this motivates her to create new charity project. When you see a child smiling just for a second because of your hard work, this is the best reward that she is expecting when she volunteer for Peafowl Foundation. 

More Information about the Peafowl Foundation

CCIFV CSR Committee - March 2017

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