Aden Services: Sustainable Development by Creatinng Shared Value "Peer Advisory Service"

The ADEN Group strengthens its visual identity to affirm its ambitions. With a presence in over 80 cities across Asia and an ever-growing team of 26,000 employees, the ADEN Group has become one of the leaders in the facilities management field in the past 20 years. 

To align with this status and success, ADEN now has a new logo, brand image and signature: “Technology with a Human Touch”, which reflects the company’s transformation and innovative solutions that focus on transparency and efficiency in the management of customers’ ‘non-core’ business activities. 

As Joachim Poylo, ADEN Founder & President, stated: "ADEN integrates the management of people, buildings and the environment; and places technology at the heart of our solutions to support our 1,500 customers in the 25 countries where we operate'.

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