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A simple and meaningful way to use resources: the collaboration between Bollore Logistics, Capgemini Vietnam and Passerelles Numériques

How to improve the social commitment of your business? Use your assets wisely to deliver a positive impact.

In Vietnam community-oriented CSR appears to influence positively the company’s performance, especially in terms of employee engagements (CCIFV CSR Survey, 2017).
Corporations willing to commit employees could engage them through the development of community-oriented strategies, such as partnerships with non-governmental and non-profit organizations, or social enterprises. Good news for the future of the private sector and the non-profit sector in Vietnam, there are plenty of options for creating rewarding projects. The country has evolved as a middle-income country but is still confronted to issues such as poverty, lack of education, environmental disaster… everyone plays a role when willing to enhance sustainable development. The civil society has specific needs in terms of funding, materials, skills and training, that employees from companies can fulfil. In return, employees involved in these types of activities consider it as an opportunity for self-development, being part of a best practice case, and enhancing the company reputation.

The challenge is to find out a way to create a win-win situation. Nothing is easier than taking into consideration the resources available and the needs expressed from both sides. It is really a matter of match-making.

Even at small-scale projects can generate a positive impact. Here is an example of a very simple match between needs and resources of three organizations: the cooperation between Bollore Logistics, Capgemini Vietnam and Passerelles numériques (PN).

Passerelles numériques is a French NGO contributing to education and society development in Vietnam. It has trained more than 200 underprivileged students to be software and web developers who can find stable jobs with salary rate higher than the minimum wage. They constantly have needs in terms of materials. Cap Gemini is global leader in consulting, technology services and digital transformation. They made a donation of 10 computers to Passerelles numériques. Bollore Logistics is the transport and logistics business unit of Bolloré Transport & Logistics offering multimodal transport, customs and regulatory compliance, logistics, global supply chain, and industrial projects. In this operation, they coordinated the donation of computers through packing and delivering. Here are smart initiatives from companies, related to their scope of work. The next step is to think of a partnership on the long run, involving employees and other stakeholders to deliver impact at larger scale!


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