Promoting positive gender roles in marketing and advertising

CCIFV’s CSR team would like to share a great guide on marketing and advertising during the Covid-19 crisis. This guide is published by UNICEF, in collaboration with UN Women.

Nowadays, equality and diversity in the workplace are main pillars of CSR strategies. Empowerment of women to enable them to participate completely in economic life across all sectors and throughout all levels of economic activity is necessary to build powerful economies, create more stable societies, achieve internationally agreed goals for sustainability, development and human rights and improve quality of life for families and communities.

This guidance provides recommendations for businesses to avoid harmful stereotypes and promote transformative gender portrayals. 
It includes tangible actions and considerations for companies related to:

  • How can companies develop gender sensitive messages;
  • How can companies ensure empowered gender norms in marketing (especially in COVID-19 related marketing messages);
  • How can companies empower women in the workplace, marketplace and community (especially given how women will be impacted by the COVID-19 crisis).

Don’t hesitate to share it with your colleagues and tell us about inclusive initiatives you are implementing.


Télécharger UNICEF_UN_Women-Gender_Marketing_RecommendationsForBusiness_Final.pdf  (PDF • 577 Ko)
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