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HCMC: Workshop "How to Build a Business Plan"

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How to build a business plan ?

Thursday, October 18th
From 8:30 a.m to 12 p.m

This 3-hours workshop will enable you to draft your business plan. The Business plan is obviously a sales and recruiting tool for courting key employees or future investors but you can use it to monitor progress or control the business's fate. 


Anyone who wants to build his business, Leaders who want to increase their organization,
Anybody beginning or extending a venture, new entrepreneurs, Start-ups, new professionals.


In this workshop you will work through a template in a logical way to ensure you have a clear vision of how to develop realistic future targets for your business. Writing out your business plan will force you to review everything at once: your value proposition, marketing assumptions, operations plan, financial plan and staffing plan. You'll end up spotting connections you otherwise would have missed.

Advantages provided by the workshop

  •  You will be able to look for the elements you need to start your business.
  • You will have tools to build your business plan yourself.
  • You will be able to develop special targets in your business.


*The first is the business concept, where you discuss the industry, your business structure, your particular product or service, and how you plan to make your business a success.

*The second is the marketplace section, in which you describe and analyse potential customers: who and where they are, what makes them buy and so on. Here, you also describe the competition and how you'll position yourself to beat it.

*Finally, the financial section contains your income and cash flow statement, balance sheet and other financial ratios, such as break-even analysis. This part may require help from your accountant and a good spreadsheet software program.


Dr. Stéphane-Laure Caubet, founder and CEO of 8S2BUSINESS assists entrepreneurs with their desire to develop a business, from the inception of the project through the incorporation of it.

She has more than 10 years experience in the private and public sector in both Europe and in Asia, which has led her to practice mainly in management, recruitment, and legal advisory.




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