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By 2020 data driven organizations will have extra USD 65 billion in productivity gains than less data driven organizations.


Aufinia, CCIFV's Member,  is exhibiting at the Data Summit Vietnam 2019

As the number of mobile devices & apps are increasing, it is creating enormous amount of data which can be analyzed and turned into meaningful insights that can help organizations to better understand their customers, increase efficiency and achieve competitive advantage. According to another market research paper,

With a population of nearly 100 million and 6.4% per annum GDP growth, Vietnam is one of the fastest growing countries in Digital Economy. According to industry research, more than 50 million people in Vietnam are connected to internet with more and more users switching to online transactions of goods and services every day. This in return is creating more data which can be analyzed to better understand consumers’ behavior and offer customized services to clients.

Although, there have been some positive signs of local companies starting to create specialized data analytics departments, there is still a lot more work to be done for most organizations to start understanding the value they can generate through data analytics.

As our commitment to contributing to the advancement of Data Analytics ecosystem in Southeast Asia, Cognitive Links have recently conducted a survey with over 200 Data Professionals in Vietnam to understand the data analytics maturity level in the country. Overwhelming majority of the respondents have indicated the urgent need for international conferences to be held in Vietnam to raise awareness about how other organizations are benefiting from embedding data analytics into their day to day operations.
Data Summit Vietnam will provide platform for Senior Decision Makers and Data Professionals to network, knowledge exchange and gain first hands experience into success stories, best practices and challenges faced by other organizations.

Data Summit Vietnam aims to become an annual event of choice to Data Enthusiasts to discuss the latest trends and future of Data Analytics in Vietnam.

Discover all speakers and more info in the presentation below:


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