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HANOI & HCMC: Workshop "Stress Management & Resilience"

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Stress management and Resilience

Tuesday, May the 15th
From 8.30am to 10:30am

The spirit of this series  is to support leaders to develop their agility skills, in an effort to effectively fit into their busy schedule. Therefore the program consists of 4 bite-size workhops to be delivered in an effcient and time-saving format.

- each 90-minutes session  focuses on 1 vital soft skill every leader needs to master in order to perform in today fast context,

- the sessions are balanced between facilitating the learning of the latest essentials and activities designed to address the participants’ personal situation.

Psychologists underline the importance of self-awareness and mindfulness in stress management. Whether it’s  being present in the moment of performing or of relaxing, having these little pockets of ... instead of “busy-ness” can save us from wasting our physical and mental and from burning out.

In this workshop, participants will get awareness about

- tools to develop Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence,

- the areas for which they need to introduce more self-management and work-life balance,


- their own call for action to take control over their level of stress


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