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HANOI & HCMC: Training "Find your Business Model & Manage uncertainty in Entrepreneurship"

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Find your Business Model

Thursday, May the 10th
From 8.30am to 12pm

People in entrepreneur’s community and networks keep saying you must have a business model without really explaining what a business model actually is. It is quite simple. A business model is simply how you plan to make money. It is the basis for the design you choose for your company to make it successful. It can be based on many different aspects of your company. 

Knowing how to make benefits with your business and optimize the costs are major valuable and tangible elements in the growth of a business.

Dr. Stéphane-Laure Caubet, founder and CEO of 8S2BUSINESS assists entrepreneurs with their desire to develop a business, from the inception of the project through the implementation of it.

She has more than 10 years experience in the private and public sector in both Europe and in Asia, which has led her to practice mainly in management, recruitment, and legal advisory.

Since 2015, she exclusively work in Vietnam, Cambodia and Singapore with entrepreneurs helping them to build their companies project or to make bigger size company growing.                                                                                            

Managers, Directors, new entrepreneurs, Start-ups, new professionals.

The goal of this workshop is to allow the participants to understand the principles leading to build a viable business.

It also will help the participants to figure out how they can benefit and develop every part of their running business.

The purpose of this workshop will also allow the participant to use the capacity to think out of the box as a disruptive weapon and deal with uncertainty.

Advantages provided by the workshop

  • You will be able to look for new solutions for your business quickly and efficiently.
  • You will be able to provide disruptive offer to your clients, partners or board.

Based on case study, we will explore the common and uncommon business model used in different industries.

We will explore the different way to diversify your offer and solidify your revenue model structure.


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