Fifa World Cup 2022 | La Buvette des Stagiaires

Tarif : Free of charge
Special offer for CCIFV Members: Enjoy a free portion of French fries (on presentation of your CCIFV member card)


L'événement est terminé.

 Now is All! The most awaited football event is around the corner and at CS we are ready to live the FIFA World Cup to the fullest 

For one month, le Café des Stagiaires is becoming “La Buvette des Stagiaires”.

And as we love football, we love beers and good food, join us to support your fav country and enjoy:

  • Happy Hour (Beer 60k / Ricard 50k / House wine 80k)
  • Late dinner (kitchen open until 1 am)
  • 100 shots for every goal !!!
  • Welcome shot for people wearing soccer jerseys
  • Goodies and more surprises!

Special deals for soccer teams - please contact FB page


Exceptionally CS will open late on:

  • Wednesday 23 - France x Australia - 2 AM (Tuesday night)
  • Thursday 24 - Belgium x Canada - 2 AM (Wednesday night)
  • Saturday 26 - France x Denmark - 11 PM
  • Sunday 27 - Belgium x Morocco - 8 PM
  • Wednesday 30 - Tunisia x France - 10 PM
  • Thursday 1 - Croatia x Belgium - 10 PM

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