AI webinar : Designing with artifical intelligence


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Discover the impact of AI on Architecture in Archetype's upcoming webinar

At Archetype Group, PIECE drives their every action - Proactivity, Integrity, Excellence, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship. 

An initiative perfectly aligned with the firm's ambition is the launch of their AI Hub.

Throughout the past year, Archetype Group’s AI Hub diligently researched and tested AI's impact on the construction industry and the disruption of architecture, and design capabilities. Now, in 2024, they stand prepared. AI is seamlessly integrated into their services, delivering cutting-edge solutions to their clients.

To elucidate the vision, research, and innovations, they invite you to their webinar, "Will AI replace architects and designers in the future?" 

Register now: 🔗

With AI as their cornerstone, they're not merely keeping pace; they're shaping tomorrow.

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