Age Determination Guidelines and RoHS 2.0 Regulations

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The safety of children's products and toys is of paramount importance. Every year, safety committee from the US government and the EU legislation update market regulations and directives to cover all changes in requirements coping with current market. As toy regulations vary depending on different age ranges, the biggest obstacle for manufacturers is choosing a precise age range for toy products in order to capture a big market share as well as making sure their products are complied.

Besides age grade, toys and E&E products exported to EU market also have specific requirements for restricted substance lists, and all products and their components have to meet the regulatory standards.

To help you navigate the complexity of these regulatory requirements, we are organizing an onsite seminar in Hai Phong, Vietnam. You can have direct conversations with our team of experts and our speaker will give you the most updated information on the important guidelines in manufacturing of toys & children’s products and RoHS 2.0 for products exporting to the EU market.

The seminar will cover:

  • Background of age grading in toys/children’s products
  • Guideline for age determination
  • Update RoHS regulations for products exported to EU market
  • How QIMA Can help



Tuyen Pham

Global Clients and Technical Services Director

Tuyen Pham is the Global Clients and Technical Services Director at QIMA. She brings 18+ years of experience in quality control of supply chain, from raw material to complete products. She joined QIMA from the year 2019 and set up QIMA Vietnam from scratch. Prior to joining QIMA, she worked in many global third parties in TIC in Vietnam and expand her knowledge and experience not only on testing products but other aspects of quality control.

* Please note that seats are limited, so we encourage you to register as soon as possible.

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