HCMC: Training "Intercultural Management"

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Vendredi 15 Mars 2019 - 00H00

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Learn how to win the cultural challenge of working in the Vietnamese culture

To win your business challenges, you have to win your cultural challenge. Expats can have difficulties working and communicating with their Vietnamese collaborators. Understanding the roots of Vietnamese people's behaviors and Culture will give you the right strategies to work and lead them successfully. 

With this training you will learn:
- How to develop your cross cultural skills to succeed in Vietnam
- Be aware of the specifics of your own Culture and the Vietnamese Culture
- The differences of both Cultures
- The tips and strategies to bridge the differences

You will equip yourself to be able to:
- Avoid conflicts, tensions, misunderstandings with your Vietnamese collaborators
- Communicate, motivate, lead, develop teams, relationships, trust, loyalty, commitment and feedback from your Vietnamese collaborators, etc.

This 7-hours training in English is designed for expats Managers living, working and doing business in Vietnam. 

Trainer: Christian Routin, is a consultant, trainer, executive coach and speaker in intercultural management, soft skills and happiness, specialized in Vietnamese Culture. He has 28 years of professional experience across 12 countries working with multicultural teams. He was born in Saigon, is mixed Vietnamese, has 2 Cultures and lived 17 years in Vietnam. He is training and coaching for 14 world leading intercultural training companies. He is fluent in 5 languages included Vietnamese. 


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