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After 5 years on Le Thanh Ton, LA CREPERIE decided to move to a new location, on 98-O Le Lai, near Ben Thanh market. But this time, besides the fact that you will find there the same wonderful savory and sweet crepes, Philippe, the owner of LA CREPERIE Group, made a partnership with Patrice, from PIZZA PIE, another Brittany guy who specializes in crusty and light bread pizza, making it healthy and enhancing the flavors of the toppings.

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Among the savory crêpes, you may go for "La Bigoudene", a classic crêpe with ham, egg, cheese, tomato or mushroom, or you may prefer a sweet and sour one such as "La Gabier", a delicious combination of shrimp, asparagus and mango.

For your sweet tooth, you will discover the "Coco Cadiz", a wonderful mix of chocolate, caramel and coconut ice cream, or what has long been a best seller "Le Defi", including cooked banana, vanilla ice cream, and salted butter caramel.

If you want to enjoy the full french experience, then there is nothing better than a nice cup of apple cider to go with it.

The Pizza range offers a beautiful selection such as « La Ground Beef » or « the Bacon & Pineapple » , which seems to be a favorite since the restaurant opened. You will amazed by this new way of making the pizza in town. The real baker’s pizza.

La Crêperie-Pizza Pie also provides vegetarian dishes.

Come to discover some signature dishes :

- Starter :  Spicy chicken rolls, the famous and unique galette rolls...           

                 Fresh and cooked oysters

- Mains :   Galette GABIER, perfect combination between sweet and savoury

                 Pizza seafood, the freshness of the seafood on a light and crunchy dough.

                 Salmon in lemon sauce, a subtle layer of acidité and softness

- Desserts : An impressive selection of crêpes depending of your mood

                  Classic, Gourmandes or flambées...

Don't forget to have a glass of traditional cider, a large selection of wine or a draft Pasteur beer (IPA).
A concept of French Bistrot by "La crêperie - Pizza Pie" we’ve all been craving. 

Address:  98-O Le Lai, District 1
Facebook Page: La Crêperie - Pizza Pie

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