CCIFV is celebrating the World Environment Day – Learn more about our commitments

On the occasion of the World Environment Day, we are happy to share our team commitments at CCIFV to protect the environment. Today we organized a brainstorming session to decide which commitments were the most significant to us and we would like to apply from now.

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The World Environment Day is the most important day for encouraging awareness and action for protecting the environment. In that context and because one of CCIFV role is to raise awareness on Corporate Social Responsibility in Vietnam, we decided to communicate today about the actions we are implementing at the office.

Environment Protection being one of the major pillar of CSR, we are proud to share our commitments on it and we hope to inspire. We are convinced that these commitments will be efficiently implemented thanks to the collective action of our team. By deciding together the values that matter to us and that correspond to CCIFV, we established a set of internal rules that we will apply in our daily life at work.


Here is our set of commitments:

1) We commit to reduce plastic use

We don’t use plastic straws anymore

We avoid plastic bags

We don’t use plastic bottles anymore

We don't use plastic sleeves

2) We commit to reduce paper use

3) We commit to save energy

And what about you?
Have you discussed with your colleagues how you could get involved to reduce the environmental impact of your company?
It’s time to take action and join the #WorldEnvironmentDay & #BeatPlasticPollution movement!

All the best from CCIFV team,


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