Businesses more aware of CSR: Vietnam Report

A survey by Vietnam Report JSC revealed today that leading firms in Việt Nam are more aware of the importance of corporate social responsibility (CSR) for their growth and prosperity.

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A warranty centre of Viettel which tops the Vietnam Report’s list of the most prosperity firms

Five CSR issues which received significant attention from firms were business transparency, local community aid, reducing unemployment, environmental protection and career orientation for the youth, according to the survey’s findings.

The major motivation behind businesses’ CSR strategies is to preserve and enhance the brand’s reputation, which accounted for 89.47 per cent of the responses.

Businesses were also more aware that “to give is to receive,” according to Viet Nam Report.

A majority of leading firms agreed that growth and prosperity were vital to their success.

The findings were highlighted at a ceremony held on Wednesday in Hà Nội to announce the top 500 best growth (Fast 500) and top 500 best prosperity (BP500) companies.

2017 is the seventh year in a row that Fast500 has been published and the second year for BP500.

FPT Software topped the Fast500 list, while the Vietnam Military Telecommunications Group topped BP500.

Vietnam Report also announced the top 10 property developers, which included VinGroup, Novaland, Sacomreal, CEO Group and Hoa Bình Group.

For the first time, Vietnam Report officially launched the Top 50 Việt Nam Best Growth and Prosperity at today’s event.

Its report on Việt Nam’s growth and prosperity in 2017 also pointed out that the economy must be transformed in terms of quality and efficiency to improve competitiveness for successful integration and sustainable development.

Source: VietnamNews


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