Information System Project Manager – HCMC – REF 082/2017

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Workplace: HCMC

Company profile: Lingerie outsourcing service company

Job Description: 

- The main focus of IS Project Manager’s tasks is to enable the people of the project team to work efficiently on the right topics and to influence positively all stakeholders, to make sure that the constraints concerning quality, time and cost budgets are met;

- Takes responsibility towards all project stakeholders: to the client organization (either employer or external customer), to the project organization (steering committee, project team, key users, etc.), to the final users and to the contractors;

- Develops and conducts iteratively plans for subsequent project phases;

- Identifies, mitigates and manages project risks;

- Performs assessments and monitoring of project phases in order to deduct metrics about the performance of each project activities, project disciplines and project phases;

- Solves communication problems between groups of team members and other project stakeholders if necessary;

- Negotiates and concludes contracts within the groups of project teams as well as with subcontractors and external vendors;

- Keeps track of all budgets (with respect to time and money);

- Manages arising changes (because of e.g. technical reasons as well as because of commercial reasons or any other reason).

Job Requirements:

Experience required:

  • Having 5-10 year experience.
  • Already lead successfully an IS definition, development and implementation in a manufacturing environment.

Essential behavioral Skills:

  • The IS Project Manager role requires a good general knowledge, a standing learning attitude, a brilliant oral and written expression;
  • Cooperative approach and behavior are required in order to be able to form and to keep a winning and powerful team;
  • Attention, ability to collect information, keen organizational and commercial sensitivity are required to understand quickly and deep the needs of the clients and other relevant stakeholders;
  • A persistent goal-driven approach, flexibility, determination, planning and control aptitude, teambuilding and leadership are required to achieve actual results;
  • Attention to detail, a logical-minded and goal-driven approach, flexibility, determination, planning and control aptitude, teambuilding and leadership are required to achieve effective results.

Deep competence level:

  • Integration management:

    • Develop a project charter;
    • Develop a project management plan including a measurement plan;
    • Direct and manage the project execution;
    • Monitor and control the project work;
    • Perform an integrated change control;
    • Close the project or phase;
    • Apply Agile Project Management (APM) principles and techniques like SCRUM and XP;
    • Manage a Project Portfolio;
    • Apply Program Management principles and techniques like program governance and program financial management (eg. the standard for Program Management by PMI, MSP by OGC);
    • Be aware of the benefits of maturity models like OPM3.

  • Scope management:

    • Collect and analyze requirements;
    • Plan and define the scope of the project;
    • Create a work breakdown structure (down to single activities) as a basis for time and cost estimation;
    • Control and verify scope while the project is running.

  • Time management

    • Define the activities as detailed as necessary for estimation;
    • Bring all the defined activities in a feasible sequence;
    • Estimate the resources and the duration of the defined activities
    • Develop an optimal and/or possible schedule; think about best case and worst-case scheduling;
    • Control the schedule and measure progress while the project is running.

  • Cost management

    • Calculate the project requirements in terms of key resources, duration and distribution over time;
    • Calculate the necessary cost budgets;
    • Control costs and budgets while the project is running.

  • Quality management

    • Define and develop a quality plan in compliance with agreed standards and possible project-specific needs;
    • Perform quality assurance procedures;
    • Perform quality control procedures.

  • Human resource management

    • Plan the necessary human resources and define the project organizational structure;
    • Acquire a sufficiently qualified project team and assign each member a role and specific tasks;
    • Manage and keep track of the needs of the project team

  • Communication management

    • Plan effective communication within the project team and with all stakeholders of the project;
    • Organize an appropriate and timely distribution of all relevant information;
    • Organize and manage reports on project performances;
    • Manage the involvement of stakeholders as appropriate in each project phase, from initial reparation to administrative closure.

  • Risk management

    • Define an agreed-upon strategy for managing risks and responding to them;
    • Identify risks and rank them in a list;
    • Perform qualitative risk analysis;
    • Perform quantitative risk analysis;
    • Monitor and control risks while the project is running.

  • Procurement management

    • Plan procurements as necessary for the project;
    • Conduct procurements of specified project parts and describe requirements in clear documents (requests for proposals);
    • Perform administration of contracts.

  • Software engineering principles

    • Understand roles of the software engineering process (project manager, software developer, maintenance staff, quality assurance and the user);
    • Understand software development life cycle models and their applications;
    • Understand and apply software development estimation techniques;
    • Understand and apply principles of software Project Management;
    • Understand Risk Management;
    • Understand Quality Assurance;
    • Understand Configuration Identification, Control and Auditing;
    • Understand Configuration Status Accounting;
    • Understand and apply Software Estimating Techniques and Metrics.


  • Attractive & negotiable fixed salary;
  • Attractive performance bonus via the target reaching appraisal;
  • Access to our unparalleled Key Members status: for those who demonstrate great performance and an exemplary professional behavior, the company will offer free-of-charge shares.

Starting date: ASAP

How to apply: Please apply via our Application Form or send us your CV updated to and quote the reference REF 082/2017 in the email subject field.

Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.


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