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Here is the CSR Corner #1 : All about CSR News, Challenges and Opportunities in Vietnam.
The challenge of Corporate Social Responsibility in Vietnam : How it will benefit your company?
Today Corporate Social Responsibility is a more and more integrated topic into the concern of globalization. In Vietnam, companies are evolving in a fast moving socio-economic environment where they must rethink their governance systems.
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Great questions to ask BEFORE choosing a cause or a nonprofit to support.
Is your company exploring a new or improved community and stakeholder engagement strategy? Below are five questions to ask your team before you select a cause or a nonprofit to support… 
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Why CSR (with the Eye Care Foundation)? 
The Eye Care Foundation has been invited to share its experiences in collaborating with companies as their CSR partner. This international NGO will give you the main reasons to get involved with CSR, how to organize it and how to start a meaningful partnership.
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AquaGrowGreens, The Next Agricultural revolution.
AquaGrowGreens is not unique. Other hydroponics companies exist. Other hydroponics companies exist in Vietnam. Other companies exist where Corporate Social Responsibility is in every strand of its DNA. We’re not unique--but we are rare in what we do and who we are.
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7 Questions to Anais Moal, in charge of the Peafowl Foundation Project.
Peafowl Consulting Limited is an international company providing high-level expertise in HR, Sales and Training. They recently created the Peafowl Foundation : an NGO who supports several institutions such as schools, hospitals and orphanages. Their ambition is to create an extremely wide range of activities to fulfil their vision. Read More
In partnership with FIDAL ASIATTORNEYS
Compliance in emerging countries as Vietnam
Vietnam wishes to adopt the new compliance standards, a concept assimilated by a lot of executives of international companies. CSR, environmental standards or the fight against corruption are linked to this notion. In terms of compliance, what are the objectives of companies in Vietnam? Are they similar in France?
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