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    Saigon Will Spend $4bn on New Roads, Bridges in Hopes of Curbing Traffic Congestion

    By 2020, 82 mostly state-funded projects will add nearly 190 kilometers of roads and 39 bridges to the southern metropolis. The Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee announced the plans last week that aim to curb traffic jams while...

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    Education in Vietnam: very good on paper

    Good exam results alone will not prepare pupils for the next industrial revolution.

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    CCIFV: Connecting French firms with Vietnamese peers

    Within two decades, the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Vietnam (CCIFV) has established itself as the biggest European Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam. Starting with 58 members in 1998, CCIFV now has 280. Henri-Charles...

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    Le Vietnam et l’Indonésie publient une déclaration commune

    Nhân Dân en ligne - Le Vietnam et l’Indonésie ont publié une déclaration commune à l’occasion de la visite d’État les 11 et 12 septembre au Vietnam du Président indonésien Joko Widodo et de son épouse.

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    Vietnam shines despite Southeast Asia's struggles with trade and emerging market pressures

    -Vietnam is defying the stress in emerging markets as its Southeast Asian rivals face an uncertain outlook driven by trade war risks and a stronger dollar. -Vietnam received an estimated $11.25 billion in foreign direct...

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    The story of Viet Nam's economic miracle

    Walking around in Ha Noi, Viet Nam’s capital, you can feel boundless energy everywhere. People whiz by on scooters, buy and sell everything from phones to food in the countless small shops, and run to and fro to get to school or...

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    FRANCE 24 marks Vietnam launch with special programming

    FRANCE 24’s English-language channel is broadcasting a series of reports on Vietnam and the Vietnamese diaspora to mark its expanded presence in the South-East Asian country.

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    Vietnam Education Report - EVBN

    Published by EVBN, 2018, 74 pages Executive Summary With its young population and a long-standing embrace of education, Vietnam offers great opportunities for investors in the field. Since 1975, education has been at the...

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    Vietnam's distribution and retail channels report - EVBN

    VIETNAM’S DISTRIBUTION AND RETAIL CHANNELS REPORT Published by EVBN, 2018, 52 pages Executive Summary Vietnam is considered one of the region’s most attractive markets for foreign investors with a steadily increasing GDP and...

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    E-Commerce Industry in Vietnam Report - EVBN

    E-COMMERCE INDUSTRY IN VIETNAM REPORT Published by EVBN, 2018, 46 pages Executive Summary Vietnam is a land of opportunity for foreign E-commerce companies because of its young population, high Internet penetration rate (ranked...

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