HCMC: workshop "People skills for the blossoming leaders 1 & 2"

20 novembre 2018

Petit-déjeuner débat

CCIFV has the pleasure to invite you to:

Workshop "People skills for the blossoming leaders"
from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm, at CCIFV HCMC
Landmark Building, 15th Floor, 5B Ton Duc Thang, D.1

Mardi 20 Nov.

  • Session 1: "Do they know they matter?"
  • Session 2: "Influence and Persuade"

    Mercredi 12 Dec.

    People skills for the blossoming leaders

    The days of MANAGING PERFORMANCE through 1 single annual review are long over!

    Psychologists have evidenced that creating engagement is an on-going process, requiring from team leaders to master a whole set of people skills to be able to create the optimal conditions for High Performance.

    In this series of workshops, we will walk you through the 6 factors underlying great performance, articulated in 4 sets of skills:

    “Do they know they matter?”, Influence and Persuade", "Courageous Conversations", "Empowering Feedbacks".

    This series is designed for junior levels, green entrepreneurs and leaders aiming to refresh their people knowledge. The sessions are meant to support participants to strengthen their skills through a bit of theory, and much activities and group coaching.

    The workshops are conducted in English


    Workshops #1&2 – Introduction

    #1="Do they know they matter?"

    It has been known for decades that organizations’ results are highly correlated to the level of engagement of their team members. But how do you create that engagement? When people feel that they and their work matter, they are more likely to contribute to a heightened performance of their organization. There are 6 psychological and at least 1 cultural factors necessary to promote engagement and corporate wellness that are favorable to help people perform at their best.

    #2 ="Influence and Persuade" 

    These capacities are 2 essential skills of the leader’s personal effectiveness toolbox. By understanding the many ways that you can influence and persuade others, you will be able to mindfully and authentically choose between different approaches to make them change their mind for one that is aligned with yours.

    These  2 workshops will introduce you to the foundations of creating engagement and how to develop your power of influence, they will help you identify your areas for potential growth and the first steps you can decide to take towards achieving your goals.


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