HCMC: Wine'sDay Workshop "The Influence of the Millésime"

12 avril 2017


In partnership with 
Red Apron, CCIFV invites you one Wednesday per month to discover or go deeper into your wine and tasting knowledge.

At the rhythm of one meeting per month for the next 6 months, each workshop will be the opportunity to explore a particular theme related to the wine and to learn how to taste it.  

The workshop will end up by a networking time in order to share your experience with the other participants and Blandine Cauchy, our wine expert/winemaker. From Burgundy to Bordeaux, passing by Chile and New Zealand, Blandine has explored various wines and terroirs. She will share her expertise, practical knowledge and passion with us. 

Register right now to this third Workshop: April 12th 2017, from 6:30pm to 8:30pm at CCIFV HCMC. The third meeting will highlight: The Influence of the Millésime. 

Next following workshops:
May 10th: The wine: A sophisticated match between smoothness and acidity!
June 7th: The effervescence of the effervescent!
July 5th: Bourgogne versus Bordeaux

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