HCMC: International Trade

23 avril 2018


2-day training

"How to improve your export and purchasing strategies?"

Monday, April 23rd & Tuesday, April 24th
From 8:30am to 5pm


Before spending time and money to find a new foreign market or introduce new products in Vietnam, learn how to verify commercial and financial assumptions. Come to optimize your import and purchasing strategy though practical case studies you can bring over! 

Notice: the trainees are invited to submit their cases (LC, SBLC, guarantees, contracts…)

DAY 1: Build an export price and evaluate an import cost

Part 1: Export strategy

• Establish a cost of production
• Deduct the full cost price EXW
• Use of full cost and marginal cost methods
• Evaluate a price DAP then DDP without VAT
• Integrate the margin of the importer then of the distributor and even of the retailer
• Calculate the local sales price all taxes for the consumer or the end user
• Compare with the local market price. Conclusion
• Using the target price method
• Use the target price method to recalculate the export price

Part 2: Import strategy
• Calculate logistical costs
• Establishing rights and taxes in Vietnam
• Build price DDP Vietnam
• Verify the price of acceptability by the Vietnamese market
• Make adjustments if necessary
• Conclusion

DAY 2: Management of import and export transactions

Part 1: Legal provisions 

• The beginning of the negotiation
• Pro-forma invoice and Purchase Order 
• Difference between General conditions of sale and General conditions of purchase
• The provisions which protect you 
• The link between contract and the means of payment

Part 2: Means of Payment 

• Scope of means of payment
• Swift transfer : practical aspects and risks
• Documentary collection (or remittance)
• Letter of credit 

Best practices in import and export trading 
Points to be checked on logistic, customs, legal and financing aspects 

Coach: Hubert Martini has been an expert in an international trade consultant for 25 years. Consultant for large corporations and banks, his expertise focuses on set-up of operations in import/export and all legal/financial aspects.

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