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01 juillet 2017

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Co-organized by CCIFV and Peafowl Consulting, we have the pleasure to invite you to:

"Imagine what would happen on a boat if each paddler would decide on his own direction? At best stagnation, and at worst the disengagement of the people who would stop paddling to abandon the ship, leaving alone its captain on board."

Every business must be once experienced the situation when their employees are getting lost, especially in a changing business environment. To survive, not only managers should change but also the employees. It’s important for managers to lead the changes instead of avoiding them.​

Peafowl Consulting and Peafowl Talk proudly presents to you our exclusive course “Corporation Performance and Employee Engagement” – The uses of NLP and business alignment tools.

The course brings to you proven approaches to a better corporate performance including:

- The use of NLP for Your Personal & Corporate Development

- Become an Authentic Leader & Create a Resonant Organization 

The ultimate goal is to create reconciling economic performance, employee well-being, and customer satisfaction. 

With a lot of exercises, practical activities and practical consultation from our coaches, the value of this premium course will help you stimulate synergy of your people, create transformations within your organization, overcome roadblocks to successful changes and generate significant business growth.


1/ Claire Bailliez: our professional coach. Claire has worked in coaching field for more than 5 years with many big companies and organizations. She also has her own coaching and development company with a focus on meaning and coherence as the key drivers of individual and organizational success. With her outstanding knowledge and experience, she knows how to unleash the power of energetic potential to achieve breakthroughs and develop resonant relationships in business and life.

2/ Guillaume Lemesle: the former project manager, current coach trainer and consultant in NLP, Strategy Success & Collective Intelligence. Guillaume has been working as a coaching manager in France for 5 years. Having worked as a manager and director for more than 15 years in different companies and projects, Guillaume has developed a business and leadership intuition. He also has a sharp mind and in-depth understanding about leadership, management and corporate performance.


For the practical business goals of the course, there will be 4 parts during the event
- Theoretical knowledge of NLP and resonant organization at the business level
- Practical exercises and interactive activities
- Q&A with in-depth explanation from our experts
- Networking with luxurious and premium finger foods and cocktails

Starts at 2pm
2:30pm to 4pm: 1st speaker
4pm to 4:30pm: Break
4pm30 to 6pm: 2nd speaker
6pm to 6:30pm: Networking, Finger foods & cocktails

TIME:​ 1st July 2017
PLACE:​ soon to be announced - District 1, HCMC

Payment via Paypal after registration

FULL PRICE: 2,500,000 VND

Our EARLY TICKETS will stop selling at 15th June.
Possibility to do red-invoice.

Online Registration Form RIGHT HERE

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