HANOI: Workshop "Leadership Management - session 3 & 4"

31 mai 2018

Petit-déjeuner débat

Leadership Agility + Stress Management

Thursday, on May 31st
From 9.00am to 12.00pm
at CCIFV Hanoi


The spirit of this series is to support leaders to develop their agility skills, in an effort to effectively fit into their busy schedule. Therefore the program consists of 4 bite-size workshops to be delivered in an efficient and time-saving format.

- Each 90-minutes session  focuses on 1 vital soft skill every leader needs to master in order to perform in today fast context,

- The sessions are balanced between facilitating the learning of the latest essentials and activities designed to address the participants’ personal situation.

PROGRAM OUTLINE - WORKSHOP N°3  : Leadership Agility, Navigating the 6 Leadership Styles

Daniel Goleman, the man who popularized the concepts of Emotional Intelligence in Business, identified 6 existing leadership styles. Through assessment activities, participants will discover what their natural leading styles are and will walk out with an action plan in order to expand their current repertoire and be able to adapt their style accordingly to each situation.

In this workshop, participants will be encouraged to develop their skills in the areas of : Emotional Intelligence, Building good relationships, Conflict resolutions, Assertiveness & Mentoring and coaching.

PROGRAM OUTLINE – WORKSHOP N°4 : Stress management and Resilience

Psychologists underline the importance of self-awareness and mindfulness in stress management. Whether it’s  being present in the moment of performing or of relaxing, having these little pockets of ... instead of “busy-ness” can save us from wasting our physical and mental and from burning out.

In this workshop, participants will get awareness about tools to develop Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence, the areas for which they need to introduce more self-management and work-life balance, and their own call for action to take control over their level of stress.

SPEAKER PROFILE: Ngoc TRAN THIEN, ACC, is the French-Vietnamese director of « EQ-tactic, Leadership Coaching ». She is specialized in soft skills and cross-cultural coaching and training. She is passionate about advancing human potential through sharing her knowledge built from the sciences of Leadership and Socio-psychology. She is partnering with foreign and local companies as well as entrepreneurs. Before transitioning to become a Professional Coach in 2014, she was a successful R&D Team Leader for a global Fresh Dairy Company and lived in 7 different countries.


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