HANOI & HCMC: Workshop "Communication Performance, A New Win-Win approch"

27 mars 2018

Petit-déjeuner débat

Communication performance, a win-win  approach

Tuesday, March the 27th
From 8.30am to 10:30am

The spirit of this series  is to support leaders to develop their agility skills, in an effort to effectively fit into their busy schedule. Therefore the program consists of 4 bite-size workhops to be delivered in an effcient and time-saving format.

- each 90-minutes session  focuses on 1 vital soft skill every leader needs to master in order to perform in today fast context,


- the sessions are balanced between facilitating the learning of the latest essentials and activities designed to address the participants’ personal situation.

Recent research has shown that the most effective leaders are not only visionary  and inspiring people, being able to authentically connect with their team members, co-workers and any interlocutor is an essential asset to make the difference.

Based on Non-Violent Communication, participants will learn a new approach to move from a “Prosecutor” mindset to a more connected and authentic style of communication. By cultivating self-regulation and practicing considering other party’s needs, participants will access more collaborative and constructive relationships at work and in life.

Registration for this event is no longer possible.


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