Art of Hosting Vietnam : Participatory Leadership Training

02 novembre 2017

Evénement partenaire

CCIFV CSR Committee is pleased to invite you to :


Art of Hosting Vietnam : Participatory Leadership Training
How can we create collaborative working cultures where people and business can thrive ?

November 2nd - 5th, 2017
3-day residential training
at Bai Dinh, Ninh Binh Province (2 hours from Hanoi)

How can we create collaborative working cultures where people and business can thrive ?

At this 3 day residential training, you will experience how to host diverse groups of individuals, and learn methodologies to enable innovative ideas to emerge from a group through collaboration and collective intelligenceMore specifically, you will practice how to use the methodologies to :

  • Host more effective and meaningful meetings where people are involved and committed to the outcome
  • Apply collective intelligence in complex systems and discover more effective approaches to move forward
  • Optimize communication processes and collaboration across people and teams
  • Empower people to take ownership and commit to their best capacities at work​

This training is for all those interested in creating more collaborative working environments in their organizations and who wish to practice it within a communityWhat is "Art of Hosting" ? Art of Hosting is an international non profit network that gather people wanting to learn and practice methodologies for addressing complex challenges in collective organizations - mainly through dialogue, facilitation and co-creation.

The “Art of Hosting” network has been spreading across the world since a few decades but remains centered mostly in Europe and in the US. The purpose of bringing it to Vietnam is to build a community that will be familiar with these methods, increasing thus the opportunities for collaboration and innovation within Vietnamese organizations.



The training will be held by an international team of experienced facilitators coming to Vietnam respectively from US, EU and South America specially for this purpose. You can find their profile here

Participation fee 

Members : $430

Non members : $530 

*This fee includes the whole training, as well as accomodation, meals and transportation from Hanoi to Ninh Binh

**Please note that there are scholarships available upon request for people and organisation facing budget constraints


More info on the website


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